Monday, September 16, 2013


As I sat down to write something for you today
the first line that flashed on the screen
of my mind was......
You are the soul of our household.

Our hearts sing and eyes smile
seeing the happiness on your lovely face
A gloomy sheet spreads all around
seeing your eyes with a blue trace
You are indeed the soul of our household
with your disposition, it is completely bound

These are our heartfelt wishes for you
Life may be wrinkle free, forever for you
Your heart be filled with happiness ever
in turn, we shall remain sorrow free forever

May the almighty be kind on us
with His choicest wishes you should be blessed
Guiding you towards achieving all that you desire
Providing you the pedestal to reach higher and higher.......

lie caged in the walls of mind
seem to be an inner strength sometimes
make me completely weak
at times...

I am amazed at my attitude
towards these lifelong
companions of mine.
I cling to them sometimes
fearing they might
leave me in distress
for, in absence of them
I feel, I will be lifeless.
I want to shun them away
for, I realize
memories tend to
hover over the present
and, ruin the future.
They become a hindrance
in the path of ambition.

there seems to be no solution.
It seems to be
an everlasting war
the reason and the emotion.

Friday, September 13, 2013

So many of us had been waiting for this Final Verdict with a bated breath!!!!!!! We all wanted the worst ever punishment for them but today when they have been  given the Death Sentence......everything has gone numb within....there seems to be a strange silence around....

Where do the society, the system, the upbringing...go wrong to create individuals with such a psyche, such barbaric attitude who can inflict such cruelties in their senses!!!!!!!!!!!

I am just thinking about the time when they were born and there must have been celebrations and felicitations in their families....what all dreams must have been woven by their parents.......What happened then!!!!!!!!!!!

Why could no body see the seeds of barbarism in them............Why could not they be cured of such mentality.........!!!!!!!

There are so many individuals who possess such barbarism and cruel attitudes. How I wish that some thing could be done to eradicate those negative and antisocial minds...........No person is born with such things but what makes that person to turn into such a monster!!!!!!!!

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Laughter is the best medicine, they say,
but, where does it exist in the world  of today?

Man has replaced his hands
with stronger machines and.....
has, in the bargain, lost the significance
of living in a natural way.

Where are those hands today
which held hands in a loving way
where is that heart today
which had a melodious beat
for something to say

Why everyone hides oneself
behind a superficial mask today
The world would have been
a much better place for all to stay
If only, one could be just true to oneself
with a face without a fake....

12 September 2013

I just read the article 'In My Opinion' by Dr Diepiriye Kuku in the September edition of the Readers' Digest and my soul stirred with shame and guilt being an Indian. I want to sincerely apologize to him for having suffered such humiliation on account of insensitive remarks and actions by my fellow citizens.
I would like to question all those who had an audacity to pass such derogatory remarks to a fellow human being if they have forgotten the vastness and the variety of their own country. Ours is the only country in the whole world with such a diversity in cultures, religions and even in the skin colour.
The sanctity of our country is at a stake if a guest to our country gets such notions towards it. A country which is the hub of spiritualism can have no worse insult. A country where Lord Krishna and Lord Rama are worshipped who , as per the mythological readings, were dark skinned, such racial discrimination and ill treatment is an utter shame, in my opinion.