Thursday, September 12, 2013

12 September 2013

I just read the article 'In My Opinion' by Dr Diepiriye Kuku in the September edition of the Readers' Digest and my soul stirred with shame and guilt being an Indian. I want to sincerely apologize to him for having suffered such humiliation on account of insensitive remarks and actions by my fellow citizens.
I would like to question all those who had an audacity to pass such derogatory remarks to a fellow human being if they have forgotten the vastness and the variety of their own country. Ours is the only country in the whole world with such a diversity in cultures, religions and even in the skin colour.
The sanctity of our country is at a stake if a guest to our country gets such notions towards it. A country which is the hub of spiritualism can have no worse insult. A country where Lord Krishna and Lord Rama are worshipped who , as per the mythological readings, were dark skinned, such racial discrimination and ill treatment is an utter shame, in my opinion. 


  1. I completely agree uma

    We still hv a huge community of such people who shun fellow humans who are dark in complexion. .. even if b they happen to belong to the same family.

    Come on people. .. its high time we rise above external appearance and look for what lies within.

  2. Thanx Sangeeta. The fever of fairness is so high on people's minds that there happen to be products to achieve the same and the advertisements are being proudly flaunted on small and big screens......sic...