Thursday, November 21, 2013

A relationship shrivels up
it withers down
into a mere tag
when the layers of pretensions
start peeling off.

When the egos
force their way
into the little passes
created within the mountains
of self obsessions......

When the inflated prides
hide the beauty in a togetherness
and the existence of
love and respect and oneness
vanishes into thin air.

A relationship shrivels up
like a helpless being
which feels itself naked, unprotected
when the covers of
love, faith and respect
are suddenly taken off........

Sunday, November 17, 2013

I know not what thou art...

In the long journey of thee
where does a step of one's take
know not anyone......
A thought, an idea, a dream, a goal.

Where would one reach
in a moment......
Who knows...
a destination, a misconception, a disillusion.

What would
a momentary decision give
no one knows...
a loss, a gain, crossroad.

Just one moment
Just one thought
Just one step
Just one decision


A life changes
an illusion surrounds
a destination lost

I foresee a different horizon
far, far away from this mortal land
a free-spirited me floating over the
bed of pure, white, fluffy clouds
smoothness of journey and purity of mission....
souls are thus bound

Above the materialistic feelings,
which make the very existence sinful
to a blessed existence
where expectations, disappointments, greed, envy
hold no ground....

Yes, that's where I want to be
free from all kinds of worldly clutches of emotions
where serenity fills the soul
where this restless heart is devoid of any desire
faith in the almighty, where wavers not
despondence desolate self
where not heard of...