Monday, February 10, 2014

It was a chilly morning. The Sun looked depressed as it was desperate to come out in the open and shine but the stubbornness of the thick smog just won’t let it exert itself. After a long wait, it came out smiling at last. The moment the rays peeped inside my bedroom, I too left the cozy bed and stepped out into my balcony to greet the smiling Sun. I was enjoying the warmth of the sun and was conversing with the plants in the little corner of nature in my balcony. It was a beautiful feeling to sit amidst the gifts of the Almighty. I, indeed, felt mighty blessed for a beautiful morning.

I was just looking out at the far stretched empty space and trying to look afar when my glance fell on some children in the slip road right in front of my apartment. The older one was making bundles of twigs that the younger ones were collecting. The hedge was trimmed and the twigs were scattered on the slip road. This sight suddenly reminded of a sight from my own past. I was transported back to a life which I had experienced many years back. The memories of those few years started flashing in my mind. They were impressionable years and I understood their great significance today, it seemed. It was only an enjoyable activity back then as my brother and I roamed in the forest collecting dry wood to use as fuel.

Over the years, I had kind of forgotten those days but my memory was vivid today fueled by the scene I witnessed. I realized that we were never made to feel that we were going through any kind of hardship back then. But, now, as the layers of those days started peeling off one-by-one, I realized that our mother and my older siblings were going through a very tough phase with a smile on their lips and a hope in their heart.

I have always been a great admirer of people with a hope in their heart and strength in their minds with a confidence attitude. I owe it to my upbringing by my parents who instilled such values and attitude in
my siblings and me. 

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