Friday, February 28, 2014

Decorate your own soul

The world is like a mirror and one sees one’s own reflection on it. Everyone experiences it. When we are happy in our heart and our mind free from any stress and burden, everything around seems good. At this time we are in a positive frame of mind. Our heart feels fresh and wants to embrace the whole world into its chambers. Our soul smiles and floats in clouds. Our heart, mind, soul and body are in synchronization. Just pause and think here…….I am sure that you will find many instances in your life when you experienced it personally. We feel highly enthusiastic at these times and confident enough to win the whole world. We get a rainbow vision at such times. We feel that nothing can deter us from achieving whatever we want to. Our soul feels empowered.
Now, witness the other scenario when we are with dampened spirits and feeling very low deep down. What happens then?? Everything around seems to be so totally bleak and life seems to be listless. Nothing feels right and we get enveloped into self-pity. The whole world around us seems to conspire against the very existence of us…….Have you ever tried to go into the depth of the disposition of your mind and heart? Have you ever tried to fathom the depth to which your disposition has seeped into your soul? If you sketch a portrait of your soul at that time, it would be in a very bad shape….fragmented, shattered and disfigured. It feels enchained and desperate to break away from this claustrophobic cell. You know it, you feel it , you want to set it free…… do want to feel happy but then what happens which stops you from doing all this……..Have you ever tried to find the root cause of feeling thus?

Most of the times, we, ourselves are the culprits of our depression, despondence and of our desolate self. Are you surprised by this revelation of mine???? I know that you are not. Deep down in our hearts we know that we can make our soul smile. How?? In spite of knowing the answer, it’s human nature to show ignorance. In our scriptures, it is written, “You are your own best friend and you are your own worst enemy.” When I read it many years back, as a youngster, I could not understand its relevance. As I advanced in years and maturity, I understood its significance. We cannot hold anyone else responsible for our own disposition and doings. Earlier we understand it better it is for us and our surroundings. Human mind is very powerful and the thought within are the oars to run the boat of life. To keep the boat in motion and also row smoothly, we have to keep a check on oars. Whether the thoughts we think are positive or negative, decide the disposition of our soul. It is a vicious circle. We cannot keep our thoughts and soul as separate identities. Our thoughts are our strength and weakness. It depends upon us now how do we want to live our lives------Do we want to roam in a barren land or we want to take a walk in a garden with beautiful flowers in it. What are we waiting for then???? Lets get up and take the world into our embrace. Let us decorate our own soul to spread the fragrance around. 

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