Thursday, March 27, 2014


Pivot of my life has wavered, it seems
I am getting imbalanced in my heart and mind
Something is troubling me, deep within
But, I can not figure out...what!!

It seems that my belief has weakened..
in my convictions, in my very self, it seems
A continuous tussle has been going on
between my logic and emotion
Tearing my existence apart.

My whole self has got badly entangled
trying to get away to find a middle path
between my materialistic ambitions and
spirituality in emotions....
making my soul restless and mere a heart.

Why do I feel so forlorn?
What does my soul await .....
to feel happy and light?

I wish, I knew ...
what is my heart's innermost desire?
What my soul thirsts for???
For want of what, it is so listless??

I thought I was pretty strong
in my heart and mind
And, had a notion...
I knew my heart...

But, disposition of my innerself
made me aware...
It was merely an illusion...
from the hard reality...far apart......

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